Soul Food! Wisdom for the Soul!

SoulAfter losing two of the most significant people in my life last year, my mom and my son, I’ve been on a quest to learn and grow spiritually, as many of you know. I have a thirst for “Wisdom for my Soul.” One of the ways I learn is by listening to Super Soul Sunday. Every week I look forward to watching and sharing posts on Twitter and Facebook about Oprah and her very special guests. I learn so much every moment from this show. Below are the notes from my top six favorites from last week’s show on May 18, 2014.  The quotes below are lightheartedly written with a depth of wisdom for the soul in each one. Enjoy!

1.When we die, our soul leaves the rental car behind to get on a plane. Except the gas tank’s empty & our spirit will fly without da plane. #SuperSoulSunday.

2. Metrics to live by. Remember death is for us to remember our life with the wisdom of lessons our soul has learned & why we are here – to love #SuperSoulSunday.

3. Going to Mars is interesting, but exploring your inner space is the ultimate exploration for our soul to learn. #SuperSoulSunday.

4. The greatest lesson of all is to allow our soul to be fully present. #SuperSoulSunday.

5. Don’t leave life until everything is rigged in your favor for the soul. #Rumi #SuperSoulSunday.

6. The soul is who I am and who you are and only a breath away. #supersoulsunday

If you haven’t watched Super Soul Sunday and you’ve recently lost a loved one or you’re on a spiritual journey, I recommend tuning in with your coffee or tea, and notebook and pen in hand.

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    Great blog Kim.

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