Is There a Soul’s Plan for Reincarnation?

Soul's PlanAre you aware there is a soul’s plan for reincarnation? Are you ready to dive in deep? Into the depths of your soul? If you are recently grieving a loved one like I am, the information I have for you today can help you with the grieving process. It helped me.

I felt my son, Max leading and guiding me through the process of discovery about the soul’s plan.  I knew I was being led because I now recognize my son’s energy and I was thinking about wanting to understand more about the spirit world all day. And there it was that evening when it all came about.

Knowledge of the soul’s plan changed my whole perspective of life and death.

One cool thing I learned is once our soul group decides to reincarnate, a new spirit is always created from the soul with a spark of light from God or the Divine. Then a personality is created. In other words, I, as Kim will always be known as Kim to my soul family. The new incarnation is a “new spirit” with a new name, not yet born as a human.

Every reincarnation has a soul’s plan and is always created with a new spirit of Divine light.

You and I will always be the same spirit once we cross over to the spirit world. We live there and grow there, watch and learn from our loved ones on earth from there and are always there to greet our loved ones when they crossover.

I learned all the intricate details of how our soul’s plan is created collectively, by our soul group with the council of elders, masters and spirit guides. The soul’s plan benefits our family, friends and people we meet along the way throughout our lifetime in preparation of our soul’s group plan for reincarnation.  Souls plan to come back to earth to learn about sadness, fear, patience, and/or anger, for example. So when they go back home to the spirit world they will have an understanding in a way they couldn’t experience in the spirit world.

In order to do this, you as a human, will experience these things to learn what the spirit already knows, compassion, love, and forgiveness, as an example. Those of us connected to spirit understand this, but many humans on earth are not connected to their true nature as spiritual beings, living a human experience.  Our soul not only plans the birth for our soul group, it plans the life and death, or (exit points) back home to the spirit world

Can this knowledge of the soul’s plan make it easier for you to forgive, have compassion, and replace anger with love?

Soul's PlanThis is the beauty of seeing the soul perspective for the events in your life.

Our spirit is our true nature. We are a light being. A spark of God created from our soul.

All our spirit knows is love, joy, compassion, and peace. When your soul’s plan is created to reincarnate, each spirit decides together what will benefit each one in the group at the highest level. The soul sees growth with every experience we have on earth, the bad and the good.

I learned there is a Soul’s Plan and all the big events in my life were and are a part of it. There is powerful healing knowing there is a soul’s plan and through understanding why things happen the way they do in our lives. If you are grieving the loss of a loved one or curious to know more, I want to encourage you to listen to Bob Olson’s amazing interview with Robert Schwartz, author of  “Your Soul’s Plan” and “Your Soul’s Gift.”

You can hear for yourself answers to questions about your soul’s plan on  There is so much more to learn. It’s free and it could be an answer to one of your prayers.

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    This is beautiful and informative, Kim.

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