A Sign from My Dog, Romie – Healing A Grieving Heart

My Dog, RomieThe time came for my dog, Romie to tell me it was time for her to go back home to heaven. It was December 23, 2014.

This was a very difficult decision but I knew it was best for my baby girl, my dog, Romie. She helped me while I was grieving my mom and my son the past 18 months. I was grieving my dog, Romie for a few months now. Her dementia suddenly took over her and prevented her from wanting to eat the last few days. She was 14 years old (young to me). The vet came to our house.

My sweet baby girl, my dog Romie looked up at me for comfort when she realized someone else was there in her space on the bed. I held her with my arms around her tightly as she was comforted and melted in my arms.

That was the last time I held her alive as her spirit soared.

I noticed a pain on the left side of my back and hip in October. It lasted for 3-months. What was strange, I noticed pretty quick the pain disappeared immediately after my dog, Romie passed. A few weeks later I had a thought …

“The pain went away because, it was me trying to tell you about my pain.”

As I sensed this, I was in the middle of the first day of an online animal communication class.” I was so excited!!

My dog, Romie never complained so I was unaware she was in pain. She had a difficult time getting up once she was lying down for a while. However, once she was up, we went for walks daily and she walked by my side everywhere.

Before I went to sleep that night, I asked my dog, Romie as I wrote in my journal “Was that you I heard today? Were you trying to tell me about your pain when my side, hip, and rib hurt?” The next morning, I quickly picked up the journal and began writing as the words came through me … “Yes, it was me.” My dog, Romie said “I am free now and I feel blissful. I talk to you all the time. I walk by your side like your shadow.”

My Dog RomieI have had dogs all my life and hearing a message from my dog, Romie was my first experience receiving communication from any animal. At least a message I understood was from my dog when we weren’t together.

I am writing this message because you, too can have hear from your pets. You only need to have the awareness and positive thoughts so when your pet speaks to you, you will recognize it.  They do speak to you all the time here or deceased in Spirit through telepathy. Spirit communicates through the Clairs. Clairsentience is feeling which is how my dog, Romie tried to let me know how she was feeling through my own body.

It is my hope to inspire you to look for a sign from your pets and loved ones. In my next blog, I will write about another experience of how my dog, Romie communicated to me through another Clair called Clairvoyance. Clairvoyance is seeing.

If you are interested in hearing from a loved one or pet, I also have “Talking to Heaven” cards which is another way our loved ones and pets can communicate to us. These cards have beautiful pictures and give beautiful messages from our loved ones in heaven, like my dog, Romie.

For more information or schedule a Coaching Session, please email kim@healingagrievingheart.com or call 970-672-8476.

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  1. Angela

    Kim, this is beautiful and special. I know you will impact many.


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