Lights Flickering? Is this a Sign From Loved Ones?

loved onesGrieving is difficult. I know, this is one of my loved one’s first year of passing last weekend and my son’s first year is yet to come in June. Through the grief, I am comforted by beautiful, amazing signs from my loved ones. If you haven’t read the past blogs which began this series, I’d like to encourage you to do so. I wrote of many amazing signs from two of my loved ones within my first year of grieving. Today is a continuation of this series titled “Lights Flickering? Is this a Sign From Loved Ones?” This blog post is a tribute to one of my loved ones, my very funny son, Max

One of my loved ones, Max loves to play with electricity from Heaven.

In fact, my first blog in this series is about Max manipulating my computer and older voice messages on my phone. If you haven’t read the first blog of this series and still want to believe you can hear from loved ones in heaven, I highly recommend reading it.

I remember when the ceiling light bulbs in my office went out. I wasn’t able to fix it myself, so I waited a couple days until my handyman came over to fix it for me. The following day, my kitchen ceiling light bulbs went out. Now, I just had these light bulbs replaced only a few weeks before they went out a second time in both rooms. I learned that I could establish my own communication system with my loved ones in heaven and they will understand and nothing would make them happier then to connect with me and knowing they are very much alive.”

Loved ones, now spirits in heaven, call us the walking dead here on Earth many times.

Why? Because our loved ones go back home to the spirit world where they came from. A timeless world of pure beauty, light, more vibrant in color, song, dance, pure joy, pure love, pure peace and more than our minds can even comprehend here on Earth. When a spirit has loved ones on earth who believe they are dead, they cannot get through to them. Remember they are living in a very light dimension. Our third dimensional world is very dense. For a spirit, it’s like being in 8 feet of water, trying to communicate here. It takes great effort for our loved ones to come back to our third dimension but they love us so much, they always will try to find a way.

So, I came up with a plan for Max and I to communicate. I asked my son, Max to flicker a light two-times to say “Hello” or “yes” to a question I asked him and 4-times to say “hello” and answer “no.” Time is only for our Human experience here on Earth. So didn’t know how long it would take for Max to begin to communicate with me. One day, last fall, I went sleepily in my kitchen, turned on the light and walked over to the counter by kitchen sink to make my morning coffee.

Suddenly my kitchen light flickered 4-times.

loved onesI smiled a big smile and said “Good morning Max. You are so funny, I love you.” The next morning I went into my kitchen, turned on the light, walked over to the kitchen sink and my kitchen light flickered 2-times. This time I laughed joyfully and said “Good morning, Max.” I was so happy to feel and sense his presence around me this way. I still didn’t realize Max made the light bulbs go out in my office and kitchen a few weeks earlier. Until I was speaking to a colleague whose son had passed over 5 years ago. She told me many stories of her son making the light bulbs go out just to get her attention. Max was trying to get my attention all along. That’s my son, Max!

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4 responses to “Lights Flickering? Is this a Sign From Loved Ones?”

  1. Margaret

    The day of my brother Harry’s funeral i was crying so much. I had really taken it hard.
    After his casket was closed, I went over and said I love you, and I know you were a good brother.
    A little while later, we were standing in the hallway at my fiances brother’s house. The 3 of us.
    His brother pointed out that the light bulb above us wS gently flickering but did not burn out. He said his microwave would usually lose power.
    My fiance later told me, I thought of Harry, and I think God is telling us he is okay. I agreed with him.
    I felt comforted and didn’t cry anymore that day.
    He was a really good guy. I’m not surprized it happened.

  2. James

    My dad passed 4 weeks ago. There are 2 lights that always flicker in the kitchen. As a joke, I asked dad to fix the lights. They don’t flicker anymore. Could it be possible that his spirit has actually fixed the lights?

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