Another Sign from One of my Loved Ones in Heaven

Loved onesGrieving is difficult. Through the grief, I am comforted by beautiful, amazing signs from my loved ones. If you haven’t read the past blogs which began this series, I’d like to encourage you to do so. I wrote of many amazing signs from two of my loved ones within my first year of grieving. Today is a continuation of this series titled “Another Sign from One of my Loved Ones in Heaven”.

This blog post is a tribute to one of my loved ones, my wise and beautiful mom, Helen

My mom was my best friend. She went home to Heaven last year April 2013. I only recently started feeling her presence since my son’s passing in June 2013. So these stories are not only true, they are very close to my heart.

I got a phone call from a special friend we’ll call “Charles.”  I really don’t see or talk to him often.  He called to tell me about an experience he encountered at his home. This is what he told me. “Charles said “I began to write you an email that said…

“Tell Kim this is not Charles writing this email.” Charles thought “Could this be from one of Kim’s loved ones?”

Then Charles thought “who is this? suddenly Charles said “I felt a presence nudge me to move off the chair. Charles thought, “Wow, whoever this spirit was, really wanted to get my attention and write this email I started writing to Kim.” Instead, Charles stopped writing and picked up the phone to call me. He heard my voicemail.

This time Charles heard a voice in his inner ear say “I want to talk to my daughter, Kim. I want to leave her a voice message.  Kim this is mom. ”Charles (and my mom) left a voice message to return his call. I received the message(s) the next day and returned Charles’ call. He told me this incredible story of how my mom was trying to reach me through him. He didn’t know my mom. however she certainly knew he was a way to get through to me.

I believe there are no accidents and my mom showed up to comfort me as soon as she was able. I had been calling out to my mom all week. I missed her so much. I hadn’t heard from her since last summer after my son passed.

I was so excited to sense and feel her energy around me again. My mom just wanted me to know she is more alive then ever after having much needed rest.

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