5 Quotes of Wisdom and Inspiration

Quotes of wisdomToday I was inspired to write the following 5 quotes of wisdom. Enjoy the following quotes of wisdom and be inspired today.

1. When you are with your child, do not multi-task, be in the present moment always. Quote of wisdom

2. Make a child smile today!

3. Quotes of Wisdom “You were not born, therefore you do not die.”

It’s important for us to remember we came here by choice with our soul group. We chose Earth as our classroom in this lifetime to learn & grow.

4. Failure is a stepping stone and is an important part of your success.

For without failure, you or I would not understand the value of success from spirit, only from ego. A beautiful quote of wisdom

5. What you see as failure, is really only your inner self and God trying to get your attention.

Why? Because it is time to change your direction with the wind beneath your wings to inspire others and be inspired.

I hope today’s Quotes of Wisdom have inspired you. For more information, ready to hear words of wisdom or schedule a Coaching Session, please call 970-672-8476 or email kim@healingagrievingheart.com. Stay tuned for next month’s blog…

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