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Certified Transformational Life Coach

loved onesThank you for visiting “Healing a Grieving Heart” website. I am Taylore, your personal Life Coach. “Healing a Grieving Heart” was created after I lost the two most important people.  I was grieving my mom’s passing when 6-weeks later my son passed too. Honestly, when my son suddenly died, I felt like my life was over. I never thought about what life would be like without him in it. Certainly, life as I knew it had ended. Does this sound familiar?

“Understanding the truth about the soul” made it possible for me to grieve in a healthy way and honor my loved ones by helping others with the gifts they left behind, part of my true purpose in this life.

As certified life coach and energy healer coach with real life experience and vision, passion and purpose, I can help you see a new perspective of grief after you have experienced loss of a loved one.

I would love to share with you wisdom to see the bigger picture through a new lens, a new perspective of life and loss of a loved one. For me, I found this discovery comforting to know and allowed me to see signs from my loved ones and even create signs with my loved ones unique to us and have fun with them. I miss them dearly, but I learned how I could shift my relationship and continue our time together in a new way from my dimension to my loved ones dimension. And it works.

How did I realize my son was trying to reach me right away? It was in a moment of curiosity and clarity after I cried my heart out, a single moment without being sad or crying. In one moment my son was able to fill my body with his love. I felt him. He flickered lights in front of me in that moment, I thought of him, when I hadn’t seen his signs to me before. I realized he couldn’t reach me in the state of being sad and crying. I realized I needed to be in the feeling of love which matches his energy where he is now. I needed to leave space in my mind and body for my son to speak to me in my thoughts and fill my body with his love. Your loved ones can do this for you.

Knowing this changed my perception immediately to wanting to know what it’s like where he is. I wanted to recognize his signs to me. I was excited which is the energy of love too. This is what I am here to share with you.

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What Gifts Did Your Loved Ones Leave Behind?

Is this my true purpose in this life? To share my loved one’s gifts? Hmm, well within days of my son’s passing, something inside me led me towards learning and studying about where my mom and my child are now. I needed to know. I took classes, read books, participated in teleseminars. I took Tai Chi to balance my own energy. I was on a mission. Have you been there?

When I learned the truth about what really happens to our loved ones when they die (Do they really die?) I was comforted in ways I never could have been otherwise. Have you lost a loved one? What gifts did your loved one leave behind? Have you thought about how to honor your loved one’s life with these gifts? Do you feel alone and cry out for help?

Did you know tears cleanse the soul and grieving is a healthy, natural part of life? Do you need a better understanding and perspective of your loved one’s passing that is comforting. I learned what happens to the soul when our loved one’s pass over to the other side. 

For me, I found it is comforting to know.  I learned the following and so much more:

  1. The soul lives on for eternity
  2. Death is painless
  3. Loved ones are always waiting on the other side to bring our loved ones home
  4. I will be with my loved one again one day in Heaven.
  5. I learned and believe Heaven is not a place, but a state of consciousness that never dies. When our loved ones cross over only the body and brain dies. The consciousness moves into another, lighter dimension of timelessness and eternity of beauty, love, peace, joy, and compassion than our limited mind here on earth can even comprehend.
  6. Our eternal Self is energy and consciousness.  Energy and consciousness never dies. Energy does change form and our consciousness grows and expands.

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